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Our Rating:
Tyco R/C TMH Super Rebound Radio Control Vehicles. Winner of the 1999 CBS Toy Test Award.

Radio Control Elmo and Puppy. This adorable brown and white pooch will quickly become your new best friend.

Tyco R/C Mini Psycho Radio Control Vehicle. Somebody definitely knew what he was doing when he made this powerful little radio-controlled speed machine. The "Mini-Psycho" is small and definitely wacky!

Tyco R/C 6V DP Military Humvee Radio Control. "Caution: Back Blast!" is the warning stenciled onto the Tyco Remote Controlled Military Humvee. A 6-volt, dual-power/two-gear vehicle, this camouflaged Humvee covers tough terrain with ease.

Radio Controlled Sea Hawk White Speed Boat. The Sea Hawk, a small racer with an open cabin and roll bar, is the perfect boat to take along on a lakeside vacation: just right for canals, small lakes, and slow rivers and ponds.

Radio Control Locomotive: Here's a remote control vehicle designed just for little kids. This colorful and sturdy 11-inch-long plastic train features flexible rubber-tipped antennas and a steering wheel-shaped transmitter with easy-to-use push button controls.

Radio Control White and Red Cessna Airplane with Battery Pack and Charger. 25" wing span..... easy and ready to fly.

More Radio Controlled Vehicles By Tyco and Nikko.