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Our Rating:
Make Your Very Own Teddy Bear! This is one of our favorite toys on the Internet. The bears are fully customizable - Just pick the clothes and accessories you want, and it will show up at your door very soon! A great toy for kids and grown-ups alike.

Furby Baby in Pink with White Stomach. Want to hear the jabber of Furbish in your life? Announcing the newest addition to the fantastically faddish Furby family... Furby Babies!

Rock & Roll Elmo. All Elmo needs to get fired up is a stage in your home, a young, enthusiastic audience, and three AA batteries (included).

Furby Buddy with Zebra Stripes. This little fellow is an attractive brown-eyed beast with a black and gray zebra pattern and a Mohawk-like white mane running down his back.

Peaceful Planet Soothing Sounds Bear. Hush, little one, now close your eyes. Chirping crickets and evening birdsong will soothe and comfort baby with gentle and peaceful nature sounds issuing from Peaceful Planet Soothing Sounds Bear.

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