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Auto Accessories

Olympia Industrial 90-949 Home/Auto Olympia Tool Set
This great set is filled with almost any tool you need to get the job done. Fully heat treated.

Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide 2000
The Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide gives you a comprehensive guide to more than 200 models, from Acura to Volvo.

RCA Lyra Universal Car Adapter Kit
Includes everything you need to enjoy your favorite music collection through your car's audiocassette or portable cassette player.

Bigg Lugg Heavy-Duty Multiple Use Power Tool Holder
This is the only way to carry a power tool. The Bigg Lugg holds cordless drills, nail guns, saws, and staple guns so your hands are free to tackle other important tasks.

Auto Repair for Dummies
The ultimate handbook for the machine nearly everyone relies upon but few understand, this guide demystifies the maze of mechanics under the hood of any car with simple maintenance tips and clear, comprehensive, and non-technical discussions of how cars work.

Automotive Handbook
In every field there's a single, indispensable reference work that sets the standard by which other books are measured. The new 4th Edition of the "Automotive Handbook" is the standard for practical, concise and illuminating explanations of the design and operation of automotive systems.

Need To Fix Your Car? Want To Find Out How They Work? Check Out...