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The Barefoot Buddies are the "hippest" thing to hit the children's market in a long time. Good, catchy songs about important things like sharing, learning, and just having fun, layered over music that makes you have to dance, this is sure to be a hit for the child in everyone! Alligator Adventure, a live reptile zoo in South Carolina, is where The Barefoot Buddies call home, but they're making their way into every child's heart around the country. The Barefoot Buddies are made up of AL(an alligator), JAKE(a frog), TYNEE(a turtle), and MR. BOO(the sometimes bad guy). Mr. Boo is always trying to do bad things and get the guys into trouble, but Al and the rest of the gang are showing him that nicer is better, and having fun is what it's all about!

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