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Kidtastic Information Center
Our Recommended Websites To Visit
Kids love to explore (So do adults)! Here are some other sites on the Internet that we think you'll find helpful. These sites are not part of Kidtastic in anyway. We have checked all of them to make sure they provide appropriate material, but the web is always changing. Kidtastic does not have any control over any content listed in the sites below. Please send us e-mail if you feel that a site does not belong on this kid-safe list to:

Children's Software
eChupa Software - Excellent software for children of all ages. Including educational titles, as well as great family games.

For Fun
AppuKids - Children can contribute poems, stories, and play games and learn.

Cards Up - Truly fun e-cards.

Fun With Spot - Official site dedicated to the world's most loveable puppy. Includes games, activities, and information for Spot fans of all ages.

KiddoNet - Fun and games.

Kids Domain - Software and reviews by parents and educators.

KidsNook - "The search engine for kids."

Our Kids - Send in your pictures, poems, stories, play games, and meet new friends.

Zappazoom - Fun stuff for kids.

Homework Help
Kid Info - Online homework help, and teacher resources.

Interesting Stuff
1st SPOT - Meta web searching, and easy to find information on many topics.

Ask Dr. Universe - Answers to tons of cool questions. You can also ask your own questions to be answered online.

Discovery Channel Online - Ever watched this great channel on TV? Well, now you can read articles on nature, technology, history, and science or visit Animal Planet or the Learning Channel.

iIndia Watch - Most exhaustive portal on India.

Lessons 4 You - Online Piano and Reading Lessons, Historical Trivia, Find a Local Tutor or Music Instructor, Family Fun Ideas, Children's Art, Historical Articles for Research, Horizon's Above Award, and Tutors/Teachers Showcase Services.

NASA Kids - Space, rockets, astronauts, and much more. How do we get into space? What happens when we get there? All of this, and more.

StarChild - A learning center for young astronomers. The sky is the limit!

The Guardians - Check out the Rainforest Adventure to learn more about the issues affecting our tropical rainforests, or go to their Peace in Space site to learn about living, working and exploring in outer space.

Thinking Things from Snaith - Don't miss this! Activities from a UK classroom ... not just a list of links. Aztecs, Vikings, Seaside, Castles, Paris, Dominica, Water, DIY fridge repair, even Ancient Greece.

For Parent's

Child Care Enterprises - Preschool, childcare, daycare, and nursery school programs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Parents DB - Parents from all over the world can answer other parents questions, from topics that range from Education to Scouting.

Single & Part-time Parents - Dedicated to children's rights, fathering and mothering. A site where mothers and fathers exchange ideas and help each other being better parents.

Stork Helper - Emergency child birth kit provides all the necessary items in the event of an unexpected childbirth and/or homebirth.

We-Blocker - The Internet is huge! It has lots of content that is inappropriate for young children. You don't have to stop surfing --  just start surfing safely! We-Blocker is completely free, safe-content filtering software for your computer. It is very easy to use, and is very powerful. Download the custom Kidtastic version of this great software product, or visit the link above for more information. Visit our Safety Issues section for more.

Teachers Only
Teacher Tid Bytes - Bytes of information to save you time.

Charitable Organizations
Kids Charities - Nonprofit Internet-based organization that is an umbrella for many of the most vital and productive children's charities.

Special Abilities - Nonprofit charitable organization that dedicates its mission to providing and implementing validated programs and services that enable special needs kids the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential today.

If you have a website that you think would be a valuable addition to this list, send us an e-mail to: