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Ask yourself -- Are you tired of encountering websites that you want to prevent your family from seeing? Are you concerned about the negative effects that the Internet may have on your children? Welcome a new, completely free concept that allows YOU to control what you and your family see on the Internet! You don't have to stop surfing --  Just start surfing safely with We-Blocker, an entirely free software solution that blocks unwanted Internet sites from your PC.

We-Blocker gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children's Internet access and provide them with age-appropriate content, while filtering out sites that contain adult material. In addition, We-Blocker lets parents help other parents by sharing their requests for websites that they want to see filtered. The "We" in We-Blocker stands for our collective community, made up of all We-Blocker users. Working together, "We" CAN make the Internet safe for everyone!

The Internet is an exciting technological advancement that is already profoundly effecting change in education, religion, commerce and communication. However, the Internet also represents millions of sources of information which parents have little or no opportunity to review or control. At the same time that we are providing our children with access to this valuable media, we need to be protecting them from objectionable material. We-Blocker is the answer!

Kidtastic has teamed up with We-Web Corp. to provide our users with an extremely fast, easy, and free way to download this extraordinary software. If you would like to protect your family with this great tool, just tell us a little bit about you below, and click on the 'Download We-Blocker' button. Only your 'Name' and 'E-mail Address' are required.

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