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Is Kidtastic Safe For Kids? Yes...
Kidtastic Is VERY Safe For Children, Find Out Why...I Want To Be SureIs Kidtastic Safe?Download We-Blocker Free!

Is Kidtastic Safe For My Children?
Yes. Kidtastic is one of the safest places for children on the Internet. The Internet is a very, very big place. We know that there are many dangers out there for kids to accidentally view - this is why Kidtastic was started. We have taken many safety measures to ensure Kidtastic remains a safe-haven for children.

We have formed a strategic partnership with We-Web, the makers of the We-Blocker freeWe-Blocker KIDSafe Site Internet Filtering Software. This partnership allows us to offer you the ability to download a completely free child-safety solution, right here on Kidtastic! To find out more about this great product, and to download your free copy - just click on the 'Download We-Blocker FREE!' button above.

Kidtastic has been recognized as completely child-safe from all of the leading online-safety organizations in the world. If you still have any doubts about the safety we provide, please be assured that these organizations only accept extremely kid-safe websites. To find out more, click on the 'I Want To Be Sure' button above, or click here.

If for any reason, you ever feel that any information contained within Kidtastic is inappropriate for children, please send us an e-mail immediately. We work extremely hard to keep Kidtastic a very safe place for kids; please help us keep it that way. If you would like to contact us for this, or any other safety reason, please send e-mail to: