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We Want YOU To Be Sure The Kidtastic Is A Safe Community For Your Children
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Kidtastic realizes that the internet can be a very dangerous place for kids, but is doesn't have to be anymore. We offer an extremely safe environment for your kids to play, learn, explore, and communicate. The following organizations have rated and accepted Kidtastic as being completely child-safe...

We-Blocker KIDSafe Site
Safe For Kids Site
Net Nanny
Family Friendly Site
Safe For Kids
Child Safe
Cortomic Safety Approved
Kidtastic Approved

If for any reason, you ever feel that any information contained within Kidtastic is inappropriate for children, please send us an e-mail immediately. We work extremely hard to keep Kidtastic a very safe place for kids; please help us keep it that way. If you would like to contact us for this, or any other safety reason, please send e-mail to: