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AdCouncilParent Platter is now offering many great educational, streaming-videos for you to share with your family. Many of these important videos are public service messages, brought to you by the AdCouncil. After finding a video that you would like to view below, just click on its link, and it should start playing very quickly.

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After School Programs: Find out about After School Programs, and how they can help inspire your children.

Give Kids the World: If you know a child with a terminal illness, and would like to take their family on vacation for Free, Give Kids the World can help.

You Can Help(1) / You Can Help(2): Find out about community drug prevention programs in your area. Also visit for more information.

Graduation: Help your children realize how important school and education is.

Earth Share: Helps bring the leading environmental groups together. Visit their website at

All of these videos utilize the RealPlayer G2 technology (You might already have the FREE video-player on your computer already, if not - please Click Here.